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Outdoor Twisted Pair Lightning Surge Protector, 1 Pair AISG, 1 Pair 18Vdc, 8-Pin Mini DIN

Data ApplicationAISG
Data Turn-On Voltage12 Vdc
DC Applications18 Vdc
DC Turn-On Voltage18 Vdc
Connector Type8-Pin Mini DIN
Price Table
1 - 9 $209.00
10 - 24 $196.46
25 - 99 $188.10
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Available Quantity: 30


Outdoor Twisted Pair Lightning Surge Protector, 1 Pair AISG, 1 Pair 18Vdc, 8-Pin Mini DIN

PolyPhaser DAS-TP-0001 data line lightning surge protector (also known as lightning surge arrestor or suppressor) is in-stock and will ship same day as purchased. Our twisted pair lightning surge protector / arrestor will help protect your equipment from EMP (electromagnetic pulse) or surges in power that can be caused by lightning and other strong changes in electricity. The data line twisted pair surge protector product is manufactured for AISG and used to protect sensitive electronic equipment.

Our AISG lightning surge protector is designed for 1 pair. PolyPhaser 1 pair AISG surge protection device DAS-TP-0001 has 1 pair of DC voltage. The DC voltage of this 1 pair on this component is 18Vdc. AISG surge protection device from PolyPhaser can be used outdoors. The AISG twisted pair protector for surge is weatherized for the outdoor environment. Data rate of part number DAS-TP-0001 is 2.18 Mb/s.

PolyPhaser provides one of the largest selections of date line surge protector devices available for same-day shipping. As with our outdoor twisted pair lightning surge protector, 1 pair AISG, 1 pair 18Vdc, 8-Pin mini DIN, we ship our surge protection product line for twisted pair from in-stock inventory same-day as purchased. PolyPhaser supports our customers with a sense of urgency while providing innovative lightning surge protection solutions that ensure reliable operation of critical systems for a connected world.