Emerging applications and customer demands frequently place greater strain on network infrastructure. Whether it is the development of VOIP topologies, Remote Radio Head, Small Cells, GPS, or WiMAX back haul applications, network planners face connectivity challenges.

Site grounding is the foundation for effective lightning protection at communication sites.  Working with Transtector Systems for over 40 years, PolyPhaser helps clients identify, remedy and prevent problems in their electrical power and grounding systems.  Proper grounding and bonding design play a key role in the operation of every surge protection device installed on a communication site.  Our consulting teams can provide independent design reviews, inspections and identify transient "hot spots" before issues arise.

As user demands and the need for safety grow, so does the need for power and signal integrity. Power and signal integrity has a role in every critical electrical and communication asset. Through advanced and patented RF technologies, PolyPhaser offers assurance to telecommunications customers that rely on their critical electronic equipment and communication links for strategic business functions, growth, stability and revenue generation.

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