Critical electronics require effective and reliable RF Surge Protection. Security systems are vulnerable to destructive conditions such as lightning and transients, PolyPhaser patented RF coaxial lightning protection features DC block and DC pass RF protection for effective safeguarding and maximized performance.

Transient overvoltage protection is critical for operation of security camera systems.  Following these simple steps will ensure 24/7 network operation.
  • Proper grounding is to be placed as close to the equipment as possible.
  • Evaluate power sources both in and out of the security network.   
  • DVR/NVR should have surge protection devices properly installed
  • As part of your installation plan, review grounding and site map requirements
Homeland Security, local governments and the Department of Defense turn to PolyPhaser for both custom solutions as well as quality standard protection products to keep their systems online to protect those they serve.

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