Positive Train Control

To ensure the safety of trains, passengers and track workers as well as guarantee uninterrupted traffic flow, the US Rail Safety Improvement Act of 2008 mandates the adoption of a Positive Train Control (PTC) system by December 2015 for mainline rail corridors sharing freight and passenger operations.

PTC consists of a complex set of advanced technologies, which needs to be adequately protected from surge anomalies to ensure their proper functioning. In providing solutions, PolyPhaser uses state-of-the-art and superior RF Surge Protection, system integration and advanced methodologies to expand surge suppression products specific to the rail industry and leads the market in providing solutions for Positive Train Control (PTC).
Within the new PTC systems, innovative RF protection for radios and GPS equipment is a must. Through superior coaxial RF filtering technology, quicker reaction and safer operation for panel, signal line, data line, radio & GPS protection systems is now a reality.

 Surge Protection for Rail Transportation Networks

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PTC: Meeting the Challenge and Getting it RIGHT -
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