PolyPhaser superior RF Surge Protection technologies are engineered to provide reliability and efficiency in the most demanding application environments.  PolyPhaser DC block, DC pass and ultra-Low PIM technologies solutions are designed to protect against the damaging effects of lightning, in all major industrial regions and factories within the industrial markets. 

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PolyPhaser designs and manufactures high performance solutions for factory automation and control, heavy equipment and instrumentation and motion control.  Our products provide customers with peace of mind by ensuring the highest quality of reliability.
LED Lighting:
To protect against short circuits, overload conditions and lightning strikes, PolyPhaser has designed state-of-the art solutions to provide LED lighting systems with reliable surge protection that meet and exceed industry requirements.
Our industrial engineers provide support and solutions for utility applications.  As a trusted global partner, PolyPhaser effectively addresses the requirements of sophisticated networks within the utility market.

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