PolyPhaser was founded on the ability to provide superior RF surge protection and custom engineered solutions for unique circumstances. The global demand for energy is driving our economy and often times our way of life.  PolyPhaser has extensive experience partnering with entrepreneurial market innovators to provide both safety and reliability in their networks through power and signal integrity solutions.

Smart Grid
Smart Grid technologies are key areas of growth for global economies. Working with key integrators and OEMs we are able to engineer innovative custom solutions to meet the needs of this emerging market and application.

Converting the sun and wind into electricity are emerging global technologies that require protection from transients and power anomalies. Solar resources globally are potentially greater than global energy use. It is estimated that covering less than 0.2 percent of the land on the earth with 10 percent efficient solar cells will provide twice the power used by the world today.  PolyPhaser’s R&D teams are experienced in both custom and off the shelf product solutions to support Photovoltaics (PV), Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) and wind technology requirements.

Oil and Gas
PolyPhaser has worked to become industry leaders in the development, design and manufacturing of superior RF Surge Protection for the oil and gas industry. Our sales and engineering teams are versed in the specific challenges, requirements and specifications for this market. Working with standards organizations such as FM, CE and Bellcore to ensure safety for the Oil and Gas industry sets us apart from the competition.

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