Engineering, Integration and Consulting

PolyPhaser was founded on the ability to provide exceptional, customized service and solutions for original equipment manufacturers. Our global engineering teams, test labs and ISO manufacturing facilities support low lead times for custom product development and production.

Engineering Expertise

Our Engineers are industry leaders, chairing and participating in international standards organizations for the safety and performance of electronic systems. For custom solutions as an OEM, you are provided ready access to our customer focused, solutions oriented, technology based cutting edge team of global experts.

Product Development

Our worldwide teams of design engineers work with OEMs and carriers to develop specifications for custom solutions

With a mature and efficient global supply chain and manufacturing facilities, we provide  high quality, custom solutions on time and within budget. From concept to completion our applications and design engineering teams, source through supplier partnerships prototyping and performance validation by in-house test labs and manufacturing in ISO certified quality management system that provide superior solutions for OEMs.