Maximizing Wireless Network Capacity


Maximizing Wireless Network CapacityWireless operators are facing a daunting challenge in continuing to satisfy the ever growing data demands of their users. Frequency bands are limited, tower space is confined and new cell site construction is costly. Bandwidth optimization has become the highest priority to network owners. 

As one of the biggest concerns to optimal network efficiency, the management of PIM or Passive Intermodulation warrants considerable attention. PIM can lead to limited coverage resulting in loss of mobile connection or dropped calls. Whenever two or more RF signals pass through a non-linear connection, distortions can create new signals at unwanted frequencies that interfere with clear reception. If they fall into the receiver’s passband, they can raise the noise floor of the system substantially. Although PIM exists at some level in all passive systems, poor quality components or workmanship can severely worsen the effects. Highly sensitive, next generation systems such as LTE will be even more susceptible to even the smallest levels of distortion. 

Effective PIM management requires a whole system approach in which all components comply with low PIM specifications. To achieve such ultra low PIM performance, both component designs and manufacturing processes must be optimized. 

PolyPhaser ultra low PIM surge protectors are specifically designed to minimize intermodulation distortions. By utilizing high quality components and workmanship along with tight control over the component plating process, our protection devices achieve superior PIM performance levels of 
-155dBc. All PolyPhaser ultra low PIM products are 100 percent tested for PIM and available for the entire LTE frequency band with bi-directional capabilities as well as dc pass and dc block options. 

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Susann Ferrari
Technical Writer, Protection Technology Group