Keep DAS Equipment Online with Focus on Power and RF Protection


As an alternative to small cell architectures, distributed antenna system (DAS) designs are taking hold worldwide as an avenue for providing coverage in targeted locations. Utilizing a structure similar to spokes off a hub in a wheel (with a cell site, or macrocell, as the hub and antennae as the spokes outward in areas of concentrated demand), DAS solutions typically can be shared by multiple operators and utilize localized power.

While a DAS site may have less comprehensive capabilities at each site than a typical small cell, the goals are the same – to deliver better coverage to meet ever-increasing demands for mobile data bandwidth. And power is a crucial component.

“Like a small cell application, we have the same concerns about keeping equipment online and keeping the power clean,” said Matt Hepler, Account Manager for Transtector Systems.

AC, DC, data (Gigabit Ethernet), and RF protection are integral technologies. A DAS location may have an industrial application nearby causing power interference, for example. Ensuring the quality of power is crucial to ongoing network integrity.

“Obviously, the important goal is to keep the network online,” Hepler said. “So protecting power and installing the best quality grounding are both critically important.”

Key product features to seek when choosing RF protection equipment include low voltage let-through, proven reliability, and configuration options to fit the application.

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