The SC-MM08 Line of Cabinets Make it Easy to Comply


One of the main issues confronting a small cell deployment is getting permits for the build and having them approved once the build is completed. Once a site has been identified, the permitting process begins. One of the main hurdles for approval of a permit is approval of the BOM that will be used at a small cell site. Electrical safety is a major concern of municipalities. Having a cabinet that is UL 67 Listed will address these safety concerns. This will facilitate in the approval of site permits as well as having them signed off during final site inspection. 

The newest cabinets from Transtector, the SC-MM08 product family, were designed specifically for small cell deployments. The SC-MM08 line of cabinets also make it easier to comply with national and local electrical codes as well as other requirements from the municipality (or utility company). The SC-MM08 cabinets are UL 67 Listed which allows them to be used as an electrical service entrance. This is important as utility operators and municipal right-of-way locations may not be able to provide a power meter or a fault-current disconnect.
In addition, the SC-MM08 small cell cabinets were designed to be 8” in width, which is the diameter of most utility and light poles. This width is important to reduce visibility from the public and makes it easier to accommodate stealth requirements. The SC-MM08 also includes surge protection to protect radio equipment, reducing the need for expensive servicing of a small cell site. The surge protection used in the SC-MM08 includes dry contacts that can be used to notify the NOC the surge failed during a catastrophic event. The SC-MM08 also includes hardware for pole or wall mounting.
With the increase of small cell deployments, and municipalities struggling to keep up with demand, using a UL 67 Listed, compact cabinet makes it easier to get approval for your small cell site.