Comprehensive View Key to Protecting Industrial Equipment


Today’s industrial applications include a broad range of sensitive, valuable and critical electronic equipment, from automation and control systems to instrumentation and LED lighting.
Protecting this equipment from surges, transients and other power anomalies is critical to maintaining performance and minimizing revenue loss from downtime. Transtector Systems and PolyPhaser provide a broad range of surge protection solutions for industrial applications. What strategies are best for this application?

Protect Inside and Out

Lightning is the most dramatic surge source, but power transients can also originate inside the building from electronic equipment. The result is essentially the same no matter the source—a sudden rush of electrical energy that can damage equipment.
In addition to surge protection where power enters the facility, additional layers of protection for all sensitive equipment are a must. Surge protection devices (SPDs) are available in a comprehensive range of configurations to fit the specific requirements of different types of equipment. SPDs are essential on all distribution panels inside the plant, as well as localized with each piece of critical equipment.

Emphasize Grounding

Without proper grounding , surge protection is ineffective. Properly engineered facilities should have a reliable low-resistance grounding system. Designing a comprehensive grounding system is an essential step in any industrial application. Consult with Transtector and PolyPhaser engineering teams for assistance in this critical effort. 

Include Data Line Protection

Electrical surges can also enter a building through non-electrical lines such as local area networks, phone/data lines, or cable/satellite systems. SPDs engineered specifically for data line protection are an ideal fit. Click here to learn more.
Think Comprehensively

Just like in a communications network, surge protection in an industrial setting is best viewed as an overall application. Starting with an SPD where power enters the plant, engineers should synchronize the ratings of downstream SPDs (at internal distribution panels and protected equipment) to ensure that each SPD inside the plant features sufficient ratings to handle surges. 
Industrial applications crate a wide variety of challenges when it comes to power and data line surge protection. Learn more about how we can help with industrial applications here.