Surge Protection Integral to Industrial Applications


The value of surge protection is clear, and not just in communications networks. Industrial applications today utilize high-value equipment with integrated electronics, computers, controls, microprocessors, and other componentry that simply must be protected from power line issues.
Put simply, it is no longer sufficient to simply protect power as it enters a facility or plant. In industrial sites, power surges can lead to equipment outages and failures, interrupting highly tuned processes. In addition, repeated surges that don’t necessarily destroy equipment can degrade it, leading to premature aging and, ultimately, equipment failure.
“The investment made in industrial facility equipment is so great that to neglect power protection is asking for trouble,” said Linda Johnson, Director of Marketing “Sensitive equipment requires dedicated protection to ensure ongoing service and maintain the value of the investment.”
Surge events in industrial applications can range from externally generated problems such as lightning strikes, to internally generated surges from machinery-driven fluctuations or over-voltages.
Key areas of protection can include:
·       Factory automation and control
·       Heavy equipment and instrumentation
·       Motion control
·       LED Lighting systems
·       Utilities equipment
·       Embedded computers and communication equipment
·       Programmable logic controls
In all cases, deploying a “right fit” surge protection device can mitigate potential problems. Learn more about Transtector and PolyPhaser RF and data line surge protection here.