High Pass Filter Protector

PolyPhaser AL-LSXM

Patented SX radio frequency dc blocked filter protectors are ideal for RF coaxial applications where dc is not required.  

The AL-LSXM is part of the SX Series of PolyPhaser RF high pass filter protectors.  Engineered to international standards, the AL-LSXM provides RF Power of 10 W using N-female connectors in an aluminium housing.  The coaxial high pass filter by PolyPhaser provides DC block technology with high surge current and multi-strike capabilities.


  • RoHS compliant
  • High surge current capability
  • Low let-through voltage and throughput energy
  • DC shorted filter design, no dc continuity between center pins
  • Ideal use for applications where DC is not required on the coaxial cable
  • Fully weatherized housing
  • Elongated female connector allows for mounting through a 1/4" bulkhead or grounding bar
  • Multi-strike capability

Specifications for PolyPhaser AL-LSXM

DC Block
Mount Type
Bulkhead Mount
CE Compliant, RoHS Compliant
Max Surge Current
10 kA per 61000-4-5 8/20 waveform
Surge Side Connector
N Female
Protected Side Connector
N Female
Frequency Range
2.0 GHz to 6.0GHz
RF Power
10 W
≤1.2 to 1 Typical (1.3 TO 1 Max.)
Insertion Loss
≤0.1 dB Typical, (0.2 dB Max)
dc block, RF lightning protection
Dimensions (cm)
6.9 x 1.3 x 1.3
Dimensions (inches)
2.7 x 0.5 x 0.5
Motorola Part