PolyPhaser launches new Band Pass Filter

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

PolyPhaser proudly announces the introduction of a new series of band pass filters, specifically designed to meet the railway industry’s Positive Train Control (PTC) system requirements.
PTC is an intelligent monitoring and controlling system built on a 160 MHz and 220 MHz communications infrastructure. “If multiple signal transmission sources are located in close proximity, unwanted interferences can degrade signal clarity. PolyPhaser’s rail band pass filters reduce or eliminate such signal interferences. In addition, integrated surge suppression make PolyPhaser’s filter products a comprehensive protection solution ensuring optimum performance of the PTC communications backbone,” explains Andrew Dawson, VP of Engineering.
PolyPhaser’s rail band pass filters are available for 160 MHz and 220 MHz systems and feature superior bin band radio frequency (RF) performance of >-20 dB return loss and <0.8 dB insertion loss. The out of band rejection is >-60dB.
PTC provides safety by eliminating the elements of human error in responding to communication signals sent by wayside equipment. PolyPhaser’s rail band pass filters ensure that those signals are clear and protected.
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