New PolyPhaser RF Band Pass Filters Address Radio Interference Issues in Positive Train Control (PTC)

Friday, January 6, 2017

Addressing a key challenge facing positive train control (PTC) applications in the Northeast Corridor, PolyPhaser has released two new filters in its RRF Series of Band Pass filters. The RRF Series of Band Pass Filters are engineered specifically to minimize RF interference between Interoperable Train Control (ITC) bands and Advanced Civil Speed Enforcement System (ACSES) bands. These filters increase the effectiveness and reliability in communications in those PTC systems.
The Northeast Corridor has a unique issue in that PTC systems may have interference from co-located PTC radios operating at different frequencies. In the example of the Northeast Corridor, freight railroads utilize 220 MHz (ITC) radios on the same or nearby tracks as 219 MHz (ACSES) radios used by transit trains. The new PolyPhaser RRF filters reduce interference issues by blocking unwanted signals created in these types of co-location environments.
Engineers at PolyPhaser worked closely with U.S. railroad operators to identify key requirements for the RFF Series, and developed the products to address these specific issues. These RRF filters were independently tested to meet or exceed key industry standards for shock, vibration, temperature and filtering.
“PolyPhaser continues to solve major problems in the market by leveraging its technology.” says Robert Cid, Global Product Manager for PolyPhaser products. “We solved a key issue facing the rail industry in the North-East Corridor. Due to the importance of the application, these filters were made available weeks after rail operators agreed to the filter specifications.”
The RRF Series includes two core configurations:   
PolyPhaser RF Series Band Pass Filters are available today from PolyPhaser and the company’s global networks of representatives, resellers and distributors. Learn more at
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